the restoration studio for oriental art on paper and silk
Andrew Thompson
Sydney Thomson

Andrew Thompson ACR
Andrew Thompson has over forty years experience in conservation. He has published and lectured internationally and is an accredited member of ICON - the Institute of Conservation.

He began his career in the conservation of Oriental Paintings at the British Museum. There he was in charge of the Hirayama conservation studio - responsible for the conservation of the extensive collections of Eastern art on paper and silk. He was also regularly involved with helping and advising other museums on the care and maintenance of their collections.

In order to expand on this type of outreach he founded restorient in 2005, combining a passion for oriental paintings with that of providing a conservation service for museums and collectors in the West.


Sydney Thomson ACR
Sydney Thomson has more than twenty-one years of experience in Japanese painting conservation. From 1995-2005 she was a senior conservator in the Hirayama Studio at the British Museum, specialising in the conservation and restoration of Japanese hanging scrolls (kakemono) and Japapnese folding screens (byobu). Since 2005 she has worked in the restorient studio, in Leiden.

In addition to her specialist training at the British Museum, London she also studied in The Usami Shokakudo, a world renowned scroll mounting studio at the Kyoto National Museum, Kyoto, Japan.

Sydney is an accredited member of ICON - the Institute of Conservation, and she is also a member of Restauratoren Nederland in Holland.